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  • BCBS of MN BIG RATING AREA DIFFERENCES UP TO 153%!!!!! - September 27, 2013
    In the past rating areas in Minnesota were required to be compressed and the actual cost of claims between areas in Minnesota were balanced.  Carriers were allowed to define their rating areas within reason and although there was a 20% difference between the twin city rates and se Minnesota actual costs were not the final...Read More
    HOW DO YOU LOWER PREMIUMS AND ELIMINATE MEDICAL UNDERWRITING? A common way to lower premiums is to restrict access to higher cost medical providers.  It seems to me that many of our government officials have forgotten about the revolt against closed panel HMO’s.  I have not.  At one time We had a closed panel HMO by...Read More
  • “Exchange Notice Deadline of October 1, 2013” - September 13, 2013
    Hello All, “GET EXCHANGE NOTICES OUT BY THE FIRST OF OCTOBER  OR ELSE” Many of you have or had teenagers in your family.  When you gave them a curfew there was a consequence to not complying with the deadline.   You can imagine my surprise after all the cajoling of the government to get these notices out when...Read More